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Electronic Design Automation Solution based on Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to Get a 360-degree View of Your Business

물결 모양의 추상 배경

Let Your Technology Take Your Business to Easy and Fast Market

The solutions in the Enable Design System, Inc. help customers achieve greater success. It has a variety of features that streamline your work environment and life. We are continuously researching and developing solutions for customer convenience.

물결 모양의 추상 배경

AI based EDA tool development

High-performance, low-power, and high-capacity chips can be implemented at low cost according to various platforms and architectures required for AI-based chip design

Consulting on EDA environment and software development

We can provide the consulting through our foundation technology for EDA development

Building a full customized EDA environment

We can be tailored to specific customer needs, using our technology to ensure an easy adoption within your company.

Training for EDA tools and software development

Our experts give the in-depth training of design methodology and EDA tools as well as software development for your company

Bringing Machine Learning to EDA System

Enable Design System, Inc. has participated AI-EDA consortisum from 2021. Since 2022, we are working on an ML-based IO Planning project.

AI-EDA consortium is an alliance of multiple universities and industries to enable ML-driven EDA system. Research outputs will be verified through design process at our industry partners. Current EDA tools are developed through several decades, and they are full of “rule-of-thumb heuristics”, which require designer’s intuition for optimal design. We therefore adopt machine learning to EDA system to overcome these limitations and change “heuristics-driven EDA” to “data-driven EDA”. This consortium is supported by IITP grant funded by MSIT of Korea government.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Let’s give your business what it needs to grow. If you have any question or request, please contact to us.

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